Friday, 26 February 2016

Android tv

The feed below displays all the top selling android tv streaming devices, fullyloaded with kodi/xbmc, showbox , Netflix and other basic apps like the web browser and Google playstore :

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

MXQ Android 4.4 Quad-Core Wifi Kodi 8Gb TV Box

That is a very long title for a simple android TV Box, and the main reason is due to all the features and benefits that it provides :
This specific Android TV box has an 8GB internal storage, which may not seem like much but when it comes to watching movies and tv series, it's a decent amount. For example if you were to download the content, 8 GB could hold up a minimum of 3 high quality 720-1080p movies or up to a whole season of your favorite tv show. With live streaming on the table, 8GB of storage are more than sufficient.
So let's keep digging into this great android device ...
It runs on android 4.4 ( Kitkat ) which may not be the latest android update ( the 2nd latest) but makes up for it with it's modified Jailbreak and added applications like :
A fully loaded Kodi/XBMC

This is a very basic interface of Kodi, so to be specific, if you do buy the MXQ 4.4 Android TV Box, you'll have instant access to :


Genesis and Showbox are similar both apps/xbmc addons. Genesis does offer a wider variety of content to watch, while showbox allows you to download or stream movies/tv series only. The main advantage of using showbox is that it updates very efficiently and most of the time, the episodes are available, the same day it airs on TV.
Navi X

 Navi X is basically free satellite that can live stream several TV channels and can be really useful if you're into watching live sports, or trying out new channels that your cable may not have access to.

This android TV Box also comes with the standard android 4.4 features like Youtube, Netflix, Skype, Facebook and more
 Now on the outside, the android box has a couple of added conveniences left, like a usb port and both an micro and sd card reader. These are 2 features that will be very useful if you prefer steaming content on your TV from downloaded torrents